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.. one handsome stranger to rescue them. Despite his English name, Julian Hamilton has never been to Australia. The Melbourne-born bachelor has been traveling in Southeast Asia for the past few years, working as a humanitarian aid worker, acting as a consultant for British Columbia's Department of Aboriginal Affairs, and helping small-scale gold miners in northern Thailand. When a particularly tragic incident on his last assignment takes place, he abandons the field for the relative safety of the seclusion of the southern coast of Australia. By the time he's heard about the girls stranded by their boat, he's already missed the first of two major migrant boats to arrive, and has been working his way inland. He hasn't seen any other boats since and is now considering returning to civilization in search of help. Julian is intrigued by the girls and thinks it's the right time to try to make a new life for himself in a new place. Hoping to catch the third boat, Julian arrives at Lightning Point a few days before the girls, and by chance meets them. Before long, he has taken an immediate liking to both girls, and is soon falling in love with Kiki. However, Zoey has been avoiding Julian since she first saw him and has gone to great lengths to keep him away from her. Julian is ultimately successful in convincing the reluctant Zoey that she has to keep her distance from him. He doesn't know why. As Julian slowly starts to gain the trust of the girls, he finds himself conflicted about his romantic feelings for Kiki and the double standard she feels he's been imposing upon her. He is also growing increasingly concerned about their safety and their struggle to survive in a remote place where the weather is getting worse, with more storms and rising sea levels. He finds out that the girls have been working as doctors in the jungle on a remote island to pay for their travels. Julian goes to the island with the girls to help them get their boat repaired, and he realizes that it's far more difficult to build a new life in a new place than he anticipated. More important, he learns that he's also been accepted into their group, and the three of them feel like family. The girls are happy with Julian, but Kiki still can't let go of the fear she's had of men ever since her mother died years ago. This forces her to make a painful decision about her feelings for Julian.



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